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Livestock Conference: 14 May 2017



Established in 1895, and operating as voluntary member-based organisation, the ZAS is the oldest convener and host of agricultural, commercial and industrial Shows in Zimbabwe. We are home to the Harare Agricultural Show and numerous businesses, in quiet and secure surroundings, a 5-minute drive from the central business district. With an estimated 1.5 million visits to the Exhibition Park annually, the ZAS has established a solid record as a preferred facilitator and promoter of national agricultural development. Read more

2018 Theme: Field to Industry


In 2015 the Zimbabwe Agricultural Society introduced a radically different strategy to reposition itself as the centre of excellence in facilitating national agricultural development that ultimately impacts positively on rural livelihoods. This led to the parturition of the ZAS annual theme and the launch of the, now infamous, Leadership for Enhanced Agricultural Development Series (LEADS) discussions. In 2015 the ZAS introduced the annual theme on climate change awareness. In 2016 the ZAS annual theme highlighted the need to fully integrate climate smart agriculture in all our everyday routines, while in 2017 the ZAS illuminated the importance of a value chain approach to ensuring food security, hence the annual theme “Seed to Food. Innovate. Consolidate. Sustain”… Read more

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