Events Management

The Exhibition Park provides a tranquil, secure and business friendly atmosphere which attracts the public daily. Over 1600 events are hosted annually. Think Exhibition Park for all your conferences, exhibitions, weddings, parties and church’s needs.

With over 10 halls and 5 seminar rooms with a cumulative capacity of 10 000 people, an open air arena with a capacity of 40 000, and fun rides, the Exhibition Park is a must visit location while in Harare.


With more than 55 000 students seating for exams annually, the Exhibition Park is arguably the largest examination centre in the country.

Estate Services

The Exhibition Park is strategically located a five-minute drive from Harare’s Central Business District making it an ideal location for office space for show related businesses. Banks, government vehicle licensing, insurance services, utility payment services, farmers’ unions, agriculture suppliers and motor industry are resident in the Park. In addition, restaurants catering for a wide range of culinary appeals and a limited number of specialised services are also available for the convenience of visitors. The estimated 1.5 million visitors annually create a catchment market for businesses operating in the Park. Currently there are 130 business offices at the Park.

Next Generation

Youth involvement in all spheres of the Society’s activities has been invigorated to ensure vibrant and real time exchange of information among Youth in agricultural and related matters. Youth between 20 to 30 years old are encouraged to become members of the Next Generation initiative to cultivate interest in agriculture and participate in many Society activities.

Conferences and Discussions

ZAS organises a number of conferences and discussions annually. Click here to find out more »