The annual Harare Agricultural Show is the premier event organized by the ZAS for the national facilitation and promotion of agricultural development in Zimbabwe. Attracting more than 500 exhibitors and over 180 000people annually, the Show presents a unique business opportunity for national and regional organisations and is the highlight of many Harare residents’ annual entertainment calendar.


Cotton Section


ZAS will be introducing this section as a way of reviving the cotton sector which was once vibrant. Exhibitions in this section will be in line with the Society’s theme for 2017 ‘Seed to Food: Innovate. Consolidate. Sustain’ covering the whole value chain inclusive of the farmer, research bodies, ginners and manufacturers.

Home Industries Section

Home Industries Section focuses on home-grown art and activities. It is divided into various sub classes that include cookery and confectionary; crafting, sewing and knitting. This section is important as exhibitors use agricultural products (agri-produce) to create their wares. It also serves as a platform to elevate everyday hobbies into entrepreneurship fulfilling ZAS’ mandate of improving livelihoods through agriculture development.

Tobacco Section

The tobacco section has exhibits of the golden leaf from various growers in the country. It seeks to grow the number of farmers in the sector as well as keep the current growers by putting in place various incentives.

Agri- produce Section

The Agri- produce Section draws farmers from the country’s provinces to display fresh agricultural produce. This section is vital as agriculture is one of the main economic pillars in Zimbabwe and speaks directly to issues of food security and sustainability.

Livestock Section

Livestock Section- focuses on small stock e.g poultry, goats, piggery to large stock e.g different breeds of cattle like Tuli, Mashona and dairy breeds. This section seeks to promote animal husbandry and livestock production nationwide and brings together livestock farmers in Zimbabwe to come and showcase their best breeds in a competition during the show.

Eleven Tonne Club

The “11 tonne club” is a grouping of perceptive, productive, and profitable farmers. The farmers are distinguished by attaining consistently superior yield for maize and soya beans primarily. This prestigious club celebrates the achievements of all categories of farmers, new and old, large and small in all the agro ecological regions of Zimbabwe. The farmers accept that by attaining yields of above 11 tonnes per hectare and above they become role models in their farming communities and signify this by accepting the Seed Co sponsored ZAS invitation to the 11 tonne club were they enjoy the privilege and benefits of pacesetters. Annually, and during the Harare Show, commencing this August, the top three farmers in this club are accorded additional recognition. 

To participate:
Send an SMS or Whatsapp message with your name, farm name, district, general crop management, seed variety, area under maize and/or soya bean, expected date of harvesting and the expected yield/Ha on the following numbers:

Head Office- John Basera 0772413184

Or visit the ZAS offices for more information

Commercial Stands Competitions

The Harare Agricultural Show presents a unique and annual opportunity for companies to benchmark their standards and compete for various sponsored trophies which distinguish them ahead of the pack in their chosen sphere of business during 2017. Winning in any of the categories is almost a sure way to stamp authority ahead of competition and is definitely an additional brand marketing tool.

For more information on the commercial stands competitions, download the Exhibitors Guide.



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Leveraging the Market Trajectory on Financial Decisions
Start at:07:30:00
End at: 10:00:00
Place: Pettigrew Gallery
MAZ/ICAZ Breakfast Discussion

Make Local: Buy Local
Start at: 10:00:00
End at: 13:00:00
Place: Pettigrew Gallery
Buy Zimbabwe/ CZI Tour of Stands and Discussion



Entrepreneurship Day
Start at: 07:30:00
End at: 10:00:00
Place: Pettigrew Gallery
ZNCC Breakfast Conference

Catch Them Young, Play & Learn
Start at: 10:00:00
End at: 13:00:00
Place: Pettigrew Gallery
Schools Quiz, Essay Competition and Awards – ZB bank, WEZ & ZAS



Annual National Agribusiness Conference
Start at: 07:30:00
End at: 13:00:00
Place: Andy Millar



Mining-Agriculture Interface
Start at: 07:30:00
End at: 10:00:00
Place: Pettigrew Gallery
Chamber of Mines





Harare Agricultural Show

27  August – 1 September

Field to Industry

Climate change has become an everyday phrase. But it was especially in vogue leading to and following the Paris Climate Summit in December 2015. The Zimbabwe Agricultural Society (ZAS) added its voice, complementing efforts by various stakeholders, when it adopted for the year 2015 the annual theme, “Enhancing Agricultural Productivity: Managing Climate Change”. During 2016 the ZAS, of necessity, adopted the theme “Climate Resilience: The New Agricultural Frontier” signifying a shift in focus from “awareness” to “action”. There is a gap between knowing and doing. We now know that public information about climate change does not necessarily positively correlate with pro-environmental behavior, so illuminating and highlighting the benefits of addressing climate change could likely inspire more climate change action. That action must be premised on integrating mitigation and adaptation measures into our agricultural routines to make farming sustainable, productive and viable to ensure and assure food and nutrition security for Zimbabwe. This long, necessary and arduous journey continues.

The ZAS has chosen a value chain based approach to the 2017 theme. The theme focusses on the hyper- alignment of the various value chain actors to produce sufficient food for the nation thus: “Seed to Food: Innovate. Consolidate. Sustain.” With a firmly grounded resource-based strategy, willing and capable actors, a solid foundation and a common goal, it has been proven, by historical and contemporary comparison, that a value chain approach is perhaps the most cost-effective mechanism of rallying consensus, and accelerating progress and improving the socio-economic status of the actors, with consequent and wider positive multiplier effects on the national economy. Collaboration, cooperation, trust and transparency by actors strengthens the value chain from ideation, through to inputs suppliers – of machinery seed, chemicals, fertiliser, fuel, labour-; to available, affordable and appropriate interest and correctly tenured financial resources-; to competent and motivated farmers; to assured markets through transparent, viable and sustainable off-take arrangements; to the availability of a ready market of perceptive consumers of quality, affordable and competitively priced products; and all this buttressed by, and perhaps enveloped in a predictable, conducive and enabling policy environment-Zimbabwe’s quantum leap into the food security territory is possible, navigable and inevitable.

“The choice of icon design is centered around depicting the farming cycle in a thriving environment. The winnowing basket is the base of our icon and holds the entire cycle, the cultivated land, the maize in the field. The basket depicts productivity, fruitfulness, and success. It, in itself, is representative of food, thereby keeping in line with part of the theme, “seed to food”. The tractors, harvesters, and silos symbolize innovation, consolidation, and sustainability. Our tone of voice is hopeful, strong, bold and visionary!